Meet Speck.
The indoor air quality monitor
empowering you to breathe easier.
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Meet Speck

The indoor air quality monitor
empowering you to breathe easier

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Air Quality Matters
Poor air quality is a serious global health problem, affecting billions of people every day. The air we breathe indoors is most often polluted by our own actions, causing fine particles (PM2.5) to be released into our homes. Common sources can include burning kerosene, wood or oil, smoking tobacco products, releases from household cleaners, pesticides, building materials and more. Fine particles are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye, but large enough to lodge deep into our lungs, get into our bloodstream, and cause illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. Speck was developed to help you monitor the actions that take place at home, work, or school and empower you to make changes to improve your personal air quality!
How Can Speck Help You?
The Speck detects fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in your indoor environment and informs you about changes and trends in particle concentration. Our mission is to provide an affordable tool that makes the invisible visible, and empowers you to make informed decisions about how to improve your personal air quality. Use Speck to test whether your vacuum exudes particles, whether your cleaning products are making your employees cough, whether your kitchen range hood exhausts to your child’s bedroom and more.
We are inseparable from the air we breathe. The Speck Sensor opens the doors to cleaner air and understanding when we are at risk.
Daniel Arnett, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Effortlessly Informative
Getting started with Speck is simple. Simply plug it in...there is no step two! Within seconds, Speck will begin reporting your air quality. Move Speck around your home to see what happens when you cook, when you open windows, or when pets are in your bedroom. This immediate and continual feedback about how your activities and environment affect the air you're breathing empowers you to experiment, learn, and take action to make improvements.
My Speck works splendidly. An instructive little device. For example, I had it running when I put out a candle. After the operation, I threw away all my candlesticks. And then I understood that I myself am the greatest problem of air pollution. I pull up dust when I am at home, and when I'm out the reading drops considerably...I learn a lot, and that's the main thing. :-)
Lasse U., Sweden

Trends and History

Striving to make Speck as friendly and easy-to-use as possible, we gave it a bright, full-color touchscreen with a distinct color palette and a large, easily readable font. Your air quality, available at a glance.

On screen, Speck displays recent historical data with just a tap. Toggle views of the past 12 hours or past 1 hour of data to see how long it takes for air quality to stabilize after you cook. Does it improve with the use of an air purifier? Quick access to the history makes discovering trends and analyzing the effects of your activities easy.

The biggest surprises were how different household activities affected the readings. I had thought opening the windows would freshen the air - not so!
Speck user, USA
Your Data, Accessible Anywhere

Steadfast in our belief that your data is exactly that—your data—we provide multiple ways for you to access it: on screen, via download, or in the cloud.

Speck is constantly recording data samples, and has enough memory to store about two years worth of data. You can download data samples to your computer using our free Speck software.

Alternatively, you can choose to take advantage of Speck's built-in Wi-Fi and configure your Speck to upload its data to your account on Log in and keep tabs on your home's air quality in real time, from anywhere, using your computer or mobile device. Explore the full history of your data with our zoomable graphs. Download your data—all of it, or any subset—at any time.

On the go? Use our iOS or Android mobile app to see your Speck's current value in real time, and compare with government Air Quality Index (AQI) stations.

Speck is IoT [Internet of Things] done right.
Dr. Andrew Moore, Dean of CMU's School of Computer Science
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What Are People Saying About Speck?

Air quality at a glance

Speck's bright, full-color screen with large type and distinct palette ensures your air quality is easily visible with just a glance.

Explorable history

View recent data on the Speck, or log in to your account to explore or download the full history.

Accessible anywhere

With built-in Wi-Fi, Speck can upload its data to Check your air quality in real time, from anywhere.